Multiple User SweetCron Release

After giving a lot of thought.. I think that the modification process of sweetcron to enable multiple user is too much to be posted. So, instead of posting the process, I uploaded the finished multiple user sweetcron source files.

Some of the changes made are:-

  • multiple user feature
  • twitter plugin also modified to ensure replies between users on the multiple user group is published.
  • fixed bugs on blog post pagination (blog posts only show 1 page in the original sweetcron).
  • fixed bugs on deleted feeds. (deleted feeds is still displayed in the original sweetcron)
  • added tinyMCE WYSIWYG on WRITE. (So user can add more style on blog post).
  • added new option: latest blog post limit
  • still can be used as single user.

You can download the source file here.

This is only a beta release. So, if there is any comment or suggestion just tell me.

btw, thank you Yong Fook for releasing such a great application!!



10 thoughts on “Multiple User SweetCron Release

  1. Hi, i just installed your modded sweetcron to my dev server, i was thinking on making a hosted multiuser version of a category based sweetcron lifestream for people that dont have a hosting service, are you planning on making changes to your version? or are you gonna leave it like it is now? i noticed that feed only users still have access to the site options that should be admin only features, well anyway im going to start working on an engaging user interface ,i will send pictures if u are intrested

    • I think thats a good idea. we can invite more people to use the sweetcron lifestream. About the multiple user release, I will try to fix the feed only user permission bug when i got time.

  2. I already fixed the feed only user permissions and now only admin have all access , the feed_only(FO) now dont have permission to edit other than their own user info which for FO its now profile, dont have access to options or dashboard and only see his own feeds. Still needed is a registration system and im working on an avatar uploader, well this needs to be a fork of sweetcron with another name according to the sweetcron license , but i dont like google code system, i like github

    • I’ve already created the registration system just now by modifying the sweetcron installer a little bit. But i cannot test it right now.. because I have some problem in my sweetcron installation. You can try it and modify it. download it here

  3. @uzzi, can you help me out on how to set FO permission and thanks for the duplicate username check, I’ve added a function to check for duplication of email as well 🙂

  4. I am interested in installing / playing around with the multiple-user-sweetcron-release. I downloaded the zip file but it seems to be password protected and I can’t extract the files. May I download a non-password protected version?


  5. It’s great to see the collaborative effort, thanks to everyone involved @uzzi and @Otai. Has anyone created a page at google code or github? Where can I try the latest mod? Given the interest in Twitter lists and “curation” of media content, this could get some attention if you have taken it to the next level. I can be found @schae_rad.

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